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ROBERTS, David (2018) : Appréciation de Dyck, Carrie, Granadillo, Tania, Rice, Keren, & Labrada, Jorge Emilio Rosés (2014). Dialogue on dialect standardization. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars. In Writing Systems Research. Télécharger.

ROBERTS, David (2014): Appréciation de Cahill, Michael & Keren Rice (eds) (2014). Developing Orthographies for Unwritten Languages (Publications in Language Use and Education 6. Dallas: SIL International. In Language Documentation and Conservation. In Language Documentation and Conservation. Télécharger.

Kabba sub-group, Yaoundé Jan 2015ROBERTS, David (2014). Appréciation de Mumin, Meikal & Kees Versteegh, eds (2014): The Arabic script in Africa: studies in the use of a writing system (Studies in Semitic languages and linguistics, 71). In ed. Kristian Berg, Franziska Buchmann & Nanna Fuhrhop, The architecture of writing systems (Written Language and Literacy 17:2, 308-314). Amsterdam, John Benjamin. Télécharger.

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