Postdoctoral research (2012-13)

RefLex: Reference Lexicon of the Languages of Africa

From August 2012 to May 2013, I was a postdoctoral researcher at LLACAN, a CNRS laboratory in Paris, with the team working on RefLex (Segerer & Flavier 2011), a project finanched by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).

The aim of the project is to standardise, share, and exploit lexical data of African languages on the internet.

I prepared the following lexicons for uploading onto the website: Beja (a Cushitic language spoken in Sudan, Roper 1928), Kabiyè (a Gur language spoken in Togo, Marmor ed. 1999), Miyobè (an unclassified language spoken in Togo, Rongier 1996), Temne (an Atlantic language spoken in Sierra Leone, Thomas 1916) and a database of 125 East African languages (Nurse and Philippson, 1974).

I also translated into English the RefLex website and the original funding proposal that was submitted to the ANR.

Congratulations to Guillaume and his team for passing the 1 million mark recently!

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Marmor, Thomas (ed.) (1999). Tɔm kpou kabɩyɛ-fransɩɩ (Dictionnaire kabiyè-français). Lomé: Comité de Langue Nationale Kabiyè and SIL Togo.

Nurse, Derek & Gérard Philippson (1974). Tanzanian Language Survey, a database of 124 Tanzanian languages.

Rongier, Jacques (1996). Aperçu sur le Mɔyɔbɛ. Cahiers voltaïques / Gur Papers 1.115-145.

Roper, E. M. (1928). Tu Bedawie: An elementary handbook for the use of Sudan government officials. London: Stephen Austin.

Segerer, Guillaume & Sebastien Flavier (2011). RefLex : Reference Lexicon of Africa, Version 1.0. accessed 2 May 2013. Paris, Lyon.

Thomas, Northcote W. (1916). Anthropological report on Sierra Leone, part 2: Timne-English Dictionary. London: Harrison and Sons.




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