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Paamaala front coverAZOTI, Songhaï Bawilousim (2008): Paamaala: suye maɖʋ sɔsɔ (Paamaala the great drummer). Eds. David Roberts and Pidassa Emmanuel, Kara, AFASA.

This is a short novel in Kabiye written by AZOTI Songhaï, a member of the Académie Kabiyè.

You can download the pdf here, or buy the book from the publisher, AFASA (Association des Femmes pour l’Alphabétisation, la Santé et les Activités génératrices de revenus).

We have a number of other manuscripts in Kabiye that we are currently working on and are hoping to publish.

We are interested in hearing from any mother-tongue Kabiye speakers who have Kabiye manuscripts they would like to publish.

We would also like to hear from any publishers who are interested in promoting mother-tongue literacy through book production in minority languages.


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