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    The Kabiye Wikipedia now has 1454 recognised articles and 2713 pages. It is currently ranked 237th in size and has had 1539 users since it began.

  • Learn Kabiye on Memrise

    Twenty six free language learning lessons on Memrise for English speakers wanting to learn basic Kabiye.

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    Two books for French speakers who want to learn Kabiye as a second language or Kabiye speakers who want to learn how to read and write their mother-tongue.

  • Kabiye literature

    Paamaala: suye maɖʋ sɔsɔ (Paamaala the great drummer) is a short novel in Kabiye by AZOTI Songaï.

  • Typing Kabiye on your computer

    People often ask me how to type the special characters that are in the Kabiye alphabet. Look no further - here is everything you need in three steps.