Help us build the Kabiye Wikipedia!

1. What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a web site containing articles on every subject imaginable, created and edited by voluntary, anonymous contributors. Anyone can add a new article or edit an existing one. Since it was created in 2001, it has quickly become the biggest encyclopedia in the world. From the very beginning, Wikipedia has always encouraged multi-lingualism: anyone can create a new Wikipedia in any of the world's languages. These statistics give an idea of just how big it is:


  • 36 million articles
  • 290 languages
  • 5 million articles in the English Wikipedia
  • 1.7 million articles in the French Wikipedia
  • 31,000 articles in the Yoruba Wikipedia
  • 18 billion pages viewed per day
  • 500 million visits per month
  • The English version alone, if it were printed, would contain 2235 volumes.


2. The Kabiye Wikpedia in the incubator

We'd llke to pay tribute to Mr ATINEDI Gnasse, secretary of the Kabiye Academy, who took the initiative to put in place the empty shell of the Kabiye Wikipedia.

This structure is presently housed in the Wikimedia Incubator, just as if it was a premature baby. It's a provisional location where the project can be observed and evaluated by the Wikimedia administrators to see if it's worth it.

During this trial period, at least five users must contribute by adding and editing articles at least once a week. If we can reach that target, the current, temporary Kabiye Wikipedia wil be uploaded on to the definitiatve Wikipedia site. If we can't manage that, on the other hand, the Kabiye Wikipedia will die in its infancy.

The first article was uploaded to the Kabiye Wikipedia on 5th June 2014. Now it contains over 860 articles, and we have also translated the 500 most used messages on the Wikimedia interface.


3. If you're Kabiye, help us build the Kabiye Wikipedia

Visit the site regularly, but don't just read articles, be pro-active. Create an account (see below), then correct the content, style, grammar, vocabulary, neologisms and spelling. Add sentences, paragraphs, sections and images to existing articles. Create new articles. Delete inaccuracies. Participe in on-line discussions with other users. Participation is completely open and voluntary.

The best way to generate content at this early stage is to translate articles from the English Wikipedia or the French Wikipedia into Kabiye. Don't try to translate entire articles, because some of them are very long. It's best just to translate the summary paragraphs at the beginning. You can always come back and translate the rest at a later date.

Don't spend too much time thinking about how to translate difficult technical terms either. It's best to kick off with an imperfect draft. Someone else can come along and improve it later. The priority for the moment is to create as many short rough-and-ready articles as possible.


4. Creating an account

  • Go to the Kabiye Wikipedia
  • Enter a user name
  • Enter a password
  • Confirm the password
  • Enter an e-mail address


5. Creating a new article

  • Type the title of the article after the prefix wp/kbp/ __________
  • Click on "Create a page"
  • Start writing in the box provided


6. Correcting an existing article

  • Click on "All pages"
  • Choose the article you want to correct from the list
  • Make your changes
  • Click on "Modify"
  • Add a brief summary of your corrections in the space at the bottom
  • Click on "Save"


7. A final reminder...

The Kabiye Wikipedia will only exist if enough Kabiye speakers participate. The day it comes out of the incubator onto the real Wikipedia platform, it will be avabile on all computers with an internet connection worldwide. What a great way of enhancing the status of your language!