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Parlons kabiyè

Roberts, David (2013) : Parlons kabiyè. Harmattan, Paris.

Kabiye is spoken by about one million people in and around the town of Kara in the north of Togo, as well as in a large diaspora that has spread into the centre and south of the country and beyond.

This book is meant for French speakers who want to learn Kabiye as a second language and Kabiye people who want to learn to read and write their mother-tongue. It will also be useful for linguists as a handy description of the language, and anthropologists wanting a sketch of the culture.

ISBN: 978-2-343-00026-8 • May 2013 • 362 pages

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Conjugaisons kabiyèRoberts, David (2013) : La conjugaison des verbes en kabiyè (Togo): Tableaux types, règles d’emploi et index kabiyè-français et français-kabiyè des verbes. Paris, Harmattan.

This book presents the verb conjugations of Kabiye, a language spoken by about 23% of the population of Togo.

Verb conjugations are one of the biggest challenges for anyone wanting to learn Kabiye. They are presented in this book in the standard orthography developed by the Kabiye Academy, but with the addition of accents to mark the tones.

The book presents 27 model verbs, each one made up of 97 conjugations. This is followed by two indexes - Kabiye-French and French-Kabiye - which list 810 verbs in their inperative and infinitive forms. Each verb is cross-referenced to the relevant model verb. This means that the reader can work out the pronunciation, orthography and meaning of over two million verb forms.

ISBN: 978-2-343-006787-1 • July 2013 • 343 pages

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